About Us

About Us


An awesome community of cue-sport enthusiasts from all over the world coming together as one.

1991 Australian Men’s Singles Champion
2009 – Hall Of Fame

Hi there,

My name is John Barton.

The idea for That’s My Cue was germinated a few years ago when a cue I bought in England was stolen from a local pool hall here in Adelaide Australia. I rang all the local second-hand dealers but the cue was never seen again.

We as cue sports players, whatever our chosen game, be it 8-ball, 9-ball, snooker, or billiards, value our cues like body parts.

I play predominantly what we call 2 shot (WEBF) 8-ball in Australia, but have a high-end 9-ball cue, 2 snooker cues, and a number of older unrestored collector cues, one from the 1800s.

I’m sure we all have either lost or had a cue stolen or know a close friend who has had it happen to them.

This site is perfect for identifying your prized cues whenever you need to, knowing you have a legitimate record that can be utilized in an insurance or recovery scenario.

Realizing how important my cues are to me and certainly all those cue sports friends close to me, I’m sure you too will feel better, knowing you have a universal record of your prized cues.

My intention is to offer a legitimate home for our valuable equipment in a secure vault of information that members can access anytime 24/7.

My mission is to promote cue sports in every way I can and to provide an open membership arena where like-minded people like yourself, can find information, be assisted in your cue sports journey, meet some amazing players, and to participate in a friendly, entertaining, educational and totally enjoyable platform.


I welcome you to join me and my team on this journey. It promises to be hugely beneficial to you and we will ensure that it is a lot of fun as well.

See you in the members’ arena.

Warmest regards


John Barton CEO

Thats My Cue International.


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Our team



Maree is the real BOSS. She is active away from the limelight keeping everything and everybody in check. She has no time for egos or grandstanding as she ensures the business admin is in top shape and the team is following the plan and always providing excellent customer service and support.



Alec has a wealth of experience in business in cue sports. Apart from owning the successful Empire Pool Lounge for 20 years, he is a super talented player and has won nearly every Australian 8 Ball national title at least 3 times and is known with much respect in the industry as The Iceman.

Ashlea Wood v2



Ash has joined our team as a super competent, enthusiastic and very talented social media analyst and manager. She takes charge of all our social media from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and TikTok so we are sure you will be witness to her many skills in marketing and design.



Ian has worked in marketing for many years and in eCommerce and web and app design since 2001. His pool expertise gets much better after a few beers, but he gave up drinking a while ago so the future’s not too bright in the cue-sports arena. We have faith though – we never leave a man behind!

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