Thank You Cue Club Page


Thank you for joining THE CUE CLUB, our Gold level membership. Below is a short onboarding video explaining what club benefits are available and how to access them.

Please watch the video to start your membership and then enjoy all the aspects and benefits your new membership has to offer. 

As soon as you have time, please check your email for a message from us and white list (save) our email address in your contacts. That way you will not miss out on any of the information we send you every once in a while. Especially the important login information and store discount code.

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy your Cue Club membership and interact with our other club members. Introduce yourself in the community arena and “go for gold”.  

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the inside and helping you in your cue sports journey.

Best Regards and Welcome Aboard!

John (JB) Barton

That’s My Cue Founder.

Cue Club Onboarding Video Part 1 START HERE

Cue Club Onboarding Video Part 2